Saturday, January 9, 2010

Reflections Upon Entering CLAM

Hello to all! Welcome to CLAM in CORDOBA! I’m Hannah, a junior at Clemson University. I am spending this semester studying abroad in Córdoba, Argentina from February 3—June 27. I will be studying at Universidad Blas Pascal where I will take Spanish courses such as culture, grammar, literature, and photography :). Along with these courses, I will also be taking an online course taught through Clemson University—Cultural Literacies Across Media (CLAM). I will be using this BlogSpot to document my creations throughout this semester. I hope the photographs and videos I create for this course will allow others to glimpse the beauty of the country.
I am so eager to begin this new adventure in Córdoba. I know that my experience abroad will encourage me step out of my comfort zone…which I’m excited about :). I believe CLAM will stretch me the most while I’m abroad, simply because I lack artistic ability. However, for this same reason, I am so excited about CLAM because I have always desired to have practice and knowledge within this field. I’m thankful that students don’t have to be technologically savvy in order to enroll in this course ;).
CLAM is going to make my study abroad truly an once-in-a-lifetime experience. I’m confident that this course will allow me to experience the Argentinean culture from a unique and creative perspective. CLAM will give me the opportunity to see a unique side of Córdoba that I would not experience otherwise. As I look ahead at the course outline, it only fuels my eagerness for the journey to begin. I am looking forward to all that this course has to offer both now and for years to come. I know that I will always be able look back at my CLAM creations and revisit Córdoba.