Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rhetorical analyses

I decided to upload a few pictures and video that I plan to use in my personal video. These pictures and video represent Argentina and how this group identifies itself as a unique group.
I took this picture where we watched our first Tango Show. Tango is a world-wide known Argentine dance. Ethnos-cultural expression through dances.

I took this picture at the Feria de Artesanías Córdoba--Show of craftsmanship and handicrafts representing all of Latin America. The artisan's and craftsman were present selling and working. I shot several pictures of their work in action. Techne-cultural expression through production of crafts art.

This video was filmed during our trip to a ranch. This is a folkloric dance and music special to Argentina. The dance is called "la Chacarera". Ethnos-cultural expression through dances.

In my personal video I am also including footage of our experience (students from clemson) learning to dance tango and chacarera :)

Friday, March 26, 2010


I really enjoyed the videos for this week's class. I'll have to agree with Gizem, I found myself laughing and smiling quite often throughout both videos!

I especially enjoyed the video "How not to Interview". Alot of these tips are definitely common sense but a wonderful reminder as I start to prepare my interview.
The tips about composition and framing were very helpful. I guess I've always filmed interviews the way I thought was best, but know I know where I need to position the camera in relation to the position of my interviewee regarding nose room, head room, and crazy hands :)

I'm planning on including my interview within my professional video. However, things are very delayed here in Argentina and people don't get in a hurry to start/finish anything. I was hoping by this point that I would have started my volunteer work in the Health center, but it's looking as though we won't start until the 2 week in April. This gives me about 2 weeks or less to scope out the center and make my video! AGHHH! I'm beginning to get nervous.
The deadline for these videos and our school semester here in Argentina don't work well with one another. My videos will be finished 2 months before I leave which means I will not be able to include all of my experiences. These are issues I'm trying my best to work around.
I will start on my questions for my interviewee this week! I'm trying to do all that I can with all that I have at this point.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I decided to play around with a portion of my personal video. All of the video clips and pictures are from my travel to Cordoba on February 3.
Please leave any suggestions that you have! :)Does anyone know of a better way to make/create tracking maps? I'm not really satisfied with the ones I have.

Video Practice

So I want to apologize for my video being so late. I'm trying to figure out how to upload it. :(

Monday, March 8, 2010

Final Project

Personal: My experience in Argentina in general. Include my family, my home, school and activities and adventures that I've taken part in over the 4 months.

Professional: I am majoring in Nursing at Clemson and I am interested in exploring the health of Argentinian's. I'm interested in comparing it to the United States. I will be volunteering in a clinic for Women and Children, and I want to include my experience there in my video. I will include my interview in this video (hopefully with a doctor or nutritionist of Cordoba).

Cultural: I'm not exactly definite on this one, but I'm thinking of exploring the cultural foods of Argentina. I thought I could also include a "cooking show" where I bake my favorite recipe :)

I really want to do all 3 of my videos in Spanish and have english subtitles.
Please post any thoughts or suggestions. I'm open for ANYTHING :)