Monday, March 8, 2010

Final Project

Personal: My experience in Argentina in general. Include my family, my home, school and activities and adventures that I've taken part in over the 4 months.

Professional: I am majoring in Nursing at Clemson and I am interested in exploring the health of Argentinian's. I'm interested in comparing it to the United States. I will be volunteering in a clinic for Women and Children, and I want to include my experience there in my video. I will include my interview in this video (hopefully with a doctor or nutritionist of Cordoba).

Cultural: I'm not exactly definite on this one, but I'm thinking of exploring the cultural foods of Argentina. I thought I could also include a "cooking show" where I bake my favorite recipe :)

I really want to do all 3 of my videos in Spanish and have english subtitles.
Please post any thoughts or suggestions. I'm open for ANYTHING :)


Beverly Burris said...

I'm really interested in seeing how your professional video comes out! I love learning about health care systems in other countries. I hear it's a hot topic in the States right now too haha.

Randy D Nichols said...

The Spanish with English subtitles idea? Cool.
I will be interested to see what social issues you discover in investigating food in the culture. At first glance, food may not seem to be a "political" topic - but at 2nd glance - whoa.