Sunday, February 28, 2010


1. Pictures of empanadas. I chose to take pictures of empanadas because of their cultural significance. This food is very, very popular in Argentina and you don't find any Argentinian's who don't like them. For the close up shot, I decided to focus on the ingredients of the empanadas. I believe this angle and focus gives those outside of the culture a chance "taste" empanadas without actually tasting them.

2. Pictures of the Church. I took these photos on two different outings. I believe the change between these 2 pictures, illustrating dark vs. light, change the mood of the picture. Even though the focus is still the same, the lighting and time of day set the mood.

3. Newspaper stand. I like the angle and focus of this. Even though the focus is on the stand, I included traffic in the street too. This allows the viewer to understand more of the location. This shot was taken on a rainy Saturday afternoon, during "siesta" naptime. This same shot, taken during the weekdays, would have a completely different feel.