Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rhetorical Analysis'

Coca~Cola Adertisement of Argentina.
1. Kairos- this commercial appeals to all audiences as evidenced by the words:
It says
"for the fat"
"for the Skinny"
"for the Tall"
"for the Short"
"for those that smile"
"for the optimist"
"for the pecimist"
"for those that play"
"for the family"
"for the king"
etc. etc. etc... then at the end it says... "for everyone"
2. Logos--the different types of coke bottles. Taking adjectives that describe people and applying them to coke bottles. Different sizes, different arragements, etc. Travels from one "person" to another.
3. Pathos-Coca~Colas are for all types of people. The movement, music, etc.
4. Ethos-Person who produced is saying to viewers "We understand you are all different, but this drink suits everyone"

"For 33 years, we have continued fighting for a free country and Latin America."

This is a photo of graffiti at the National University in Cordoba that our group visited last Tuesday. This graffiti tells part of the story of Argentina and the Dirty War. From about 1976-1983 there was fighting and war amongst terrorists and Argentina military due to a terrorist attack in Buenos Aires. This was carried out by Jorge Rafael Videla's military dictatorship. During this time, there was killing of many innocent people, not just the terrorists. The military killed about 18,000 people without any reason, solely because they wanted to. Moms of the deceased marched around the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires protesting. This graffiti is a picture of women who protested and eventually lead to a free country.
1. Kairos-protesting for a free LatinAmerica
2. Logos-opening a zipper- representing liberty
3. Pathos-evokes sentimental feelings. No expressions on faces.
4. Ethical- the creator wants the audience to remember, and to understand the emotions behind the unjust war, aka the Dirty War.


Randy D Nichols said...

BTW - the photo of the wall evoked strong feelings from your Cordoban professor here at Clemson! Good, strong imagery.