Sunday, February 14, 2010

How special would you feel with a Ronald McDonald Birthday cake? :)

McDonalds USA vs. McDonalds Argentina

1. McDonalds in Argentina host special birthday parties for children. They have a special area reserved and decorated for parties. As a part of the traditional Hispanic fiestas, birthday parties include pinatas. The restaurant provides invitations and gifts for each guest. The guests can chose between 3 different kits: the countryside, average age, or icecream. Each kit contains different drawings and different gifts for the guests. Each kit also contains a voucher for free french fries. The birthday boy/girl receives a very special gift and a happy meal box or "cajita feliz" free each month for a year. All of this for only (approx) U$S $38.75! For only U$S 8.75 more, McDonald's you can have a delicious Ronald McDonald vanilla cake with dulce de leche (a very popular milk-caramel jam).

Breakfast options:
*3 medialunas--(croissants with drizzled on top)
*Bagel Cinnamon
*Bagel with ham and cheese
*Bagel with egg and cheese
Lunch/Supper options:
*Cajita Feliz (Happy Meal)
-Hamburger with/without cheese
-"tostado" sandwich with ham and cheese
-Big Mac
-Triple Mac
-McFiesta (hamburger with lettuce and tomato)
-Big Tasty (hamburger w. lettuce, tomato, and speciality sauce)
-Doble McNifica (hamburger w. everything)
-Pechuga Bacon Grill (grilled chicken)
-Pechuga Barbacoa Crispy (fried chicken sandwich with bbq)
*Desserts (Postres)
-McFlurry Oreo
-Sundae (chocolate, strawberry, dulce de leche)
-Top Sunday
Not many differences in the menu between US and Argentina. The only differences I noticed were the special sauces for Big Tasty Hamburger, regular sandwiches with ham and cheese, bagels, and the use of dulce de leche in all desserts.
In the states, we definitely have a much larger selection of desserts; however, desserts are not very common in Argentina unless it's a special occasion.
McDesserts in US:
Oreo McFlurry
Butterfinger McFlurry
M&M McFlurry
Hot Fudge Sunday
Hot Carmel Sunday
Strawberry Sunday
Chocolate Triple Thick Shake (12, 16, 21, 32 oz)
Strawberry Triple Thick Shake (12, 16, 21, 32 oz)
Vanilla Triple Thick Shake (12, 16, 21, 32 oz)
Baked Apple Pie
Apple Dippers
Cinnamon Melts
McDonaldland cookies
Chocolate chip/Oatmeal Raisin/sugar Chip Cookie
Oh my goodness! That's over 16 different desserts to chose from compared to the 3 in Argentina!

It made me really happy to read about the birthday parties. I thought this was really special! I wish we did this in the States. How special would you feel if you got a Ronald McDonald birthday cake for your next birthday? Okay, maybe you should answer that in the perspective of a child, but regardless, that would be awesome!

While passing by a McDonalds, I had the opportunity to take a couple of pictures, but I didn't have time to eat to compare taste. Overall, the McDonald's here look pretty much the same. This specific one is located in a mall in downtown Cordoba.