Friday, March 26, 2010


I really enjoyed the videos for this week's class. I'll have to agree with Gizem, I found myself laughing and smiling quite often throughout both videos!

I especially enjoyed the video "How not to Interview". Alot of these tips are definitely common sense but a wonderful reminder as I start to prepare my interview.
The tips about composition and framing were very helpful. I guess I've always filmed interviews the way I thought was best, but know I know where I need to position the camera in relation to the position of my interviewee regarding nose room, head room, and crazy hands :)

I'm planning on including my interview within my professional video. However, things are very delayed here in Argentina and people don't get in a hurry to start/finish anything. I was hoping by this point that I would have started my volunteer work in the Health center, but it's looking as though we won't start until the 2 week in April. This gives me about 2 weeks or less to scope out the center and make my video! AGHHH! I'm beginning to get nervous.
The deadline for these videos and our school semester here in Argentina don't work well with one another. My videos will be finished 2 months before I leave which means I will not be able to include all of my experiences. These are issues I'm trying my best to work around.
I will start on my questions for my interviewee this week! I'm trying to do all that I can with all that I have at this point.