Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rhetorical analyses

I decided to upload a few pictures and video that I plan to use in my personal video. These pictures and video represent Argentina and how this group identifies itself as a unique group.
I took this picture where we watched our first Tango Show. Tango is a world-wide known Argentine dance. Ethnos-cultural expression through dances.

I took this picture at the Feria de Artesanías Córdoba--Show of craftsmanship and handicrafts representing all of Latin America. The artisan's and craftsman were present selling and working. I shot several pictures of their work in action. Techne-cultural expression through production of crafts art.

This video was filmed during our trip to a ranch. This is a folkloric dance and music special to Argentina. The dance is called "la Chacarera". Ethnos-cultural expression through dances.

In my personal video I am also including footage of our experience (students from clemson) learning to dance tango and chacarera :)