Saturday, January 16, 2010

No more telephones with cords?

Hello fellow CLAMmers & bloggers :)
On the topic of new technology & new means of communication...Can I just say that I'm thankful for cordLESS telephones & now, cellphones? or in short...THANK YOU FOR PRIVACY! ha-ha I can remember in elementary school when my friends would call my house and my only option was the telephone in our kitchen (with the loooooooonnnnnnngggg cord). This poor cord was stretched to its limits everytime I used it! I tried so hard to make this cord stretch far enough to at least get SOME privacy as I spoke with my girl friends about the "cutest boy-of-the-week" ha-ha! I know some of you females can relate :)
Now, for online communities...
I guess my involvement with online communitites began in junior high, with Myspace. I enjoyed staying connected with friends through this online community, but my parents failed to see the "good" in this popular site (I guess WSPA gets the thanks for that). (Note: At that time, I didn't understand the fuss, but as I get older, I understand their concern.)
Regardless, I continued Myspacing because my parents never strictly enforced "no myspace". ha-ha So, I found a way around it and continued using Myspace until my senior year of high school. My older sister had told me that I couldn't use facebook until I was in college so, once I was accepted to Clemson, I set up my very own Facebook. In comparsion of the two online communities, I prefer Facebook over Myspace because it appears more mature and professional.
Facebook provides a wonderful means to stay connected with my friends from home and friends from school. I have to admit though, Facebook (a.k.a Procrastination Network), often jumps ahead on my priority list (yes, Facebook's fault ;))
Until recently, Myspace and Facebook have been the extent of my involvment with the online community. In preparation to study abroad this semester, I started my first blog! I wanted my family and friends to follow me throughout my time in Córdoba. This idea lead to the creation of My 1st Blogspot :) How exciting! You are visiting my 2nd blog designed to showcase my CLAM creations! Hopefully my blogspots won't lead to procrastination as much as Facebook (now that I have 2), but time will tell...vamos a ver :)
I'm looking forward to this semester as I begin my exciting adventure abroad as a brand new, inexperienced blogger! :)